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Bedding & Pointing

Bedding and pointing are essential components of any roof, although inexperienced home owners may not even be aware of their existence by name.

Roof Bedding

The bedding of a roof is mortar that holds the roof tiles in place. Roof tiles that come loose can be a sign of wear to the bedding. Over time, it is possible for bedding to to crack, or even shift and fall from its original place. Aged bedding can lead to an unstable roof overall, as it is an integral part of the structure.

Roof Pointing

The pointing of a roof is applied over the bedding, offering an even better seal and protection from water. Often, the pointing is often coloured to match the roof tiles. The pointing is also more flexible and can expand and contract to match weather conditions, lending greater durability to the roof’s structure. However, the pointing is often considered more aesthetic, while the bedding itself is primarily responsible for maintaining the structure.

Determining if Your Roof Requires Re-Bedding or Repointing

If your roof requires re-bedding or repointing, the tiles may physically feel loose. In more severe circumstances, water marks may appear on the ceilings inside your home as cracks have created leaks. Depending upon the age of your home, and the condition of your roof, it may be possible to reseal the roof with pointing, rather than having the entire roof re-bedded. However, this can only be determined by an experienced profession.