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Cement Tiles

Cement roof tiles are also referred to as slate tiles, or concrete tiles. They come in a variety of styles including:

  • Low profile – this style of roof is almost flat, with small curves.
  • High profile – these tiles curve higher, and can also be wider in size.
  • Flat profile – these tiles have no curve to them and are virtually flat.

Cement Roof Tile Durability

Concrete roof tiles are quite durable, and can last anywhere from 30-50 years, particularly when the standard thickness is selected. Homeowners often appreciate cement roof tiles because they are available in a number of textures and colours, so they can fit well with the aesthetics of any home.

Cements tiles have the greatest longevity when installed by a professional that specializes in this type of roof. It is essential that the flashings, battens, and the bedding and pointing are all installed skillfully, or inclement weather could lead to leaks and other problems. However, it is highly durable with hail and wind.

Another benefit to cement roof tile is that it is easy to simply replace an individual cracked tile, should that occur.