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Guttering is an under-appreciated component of any roof, as it protects your home’s foundation from water damage. The goal of a gutter is to ensure that all water is directed to drain away from the house, which doesn’t occur naturally.

There are different types of rain gutters that are suitable for both the unique needs, and the aesthetics of each individual home.  An experienced roofer can help you to assess which is the most appropriate style from both of these perspectives, with the options including:

  • Box gutters – these gutters are popular for those that want to hide the appearance of the drainage system so that it blends with the overall appearance of the home. Because this type of guttering sits so close to the home, an emergency overflow system must also be installed to ensure that any access water doesn’t flow into the roof of the house. This style of gutter is typically made from higher quality materials, such as stainless steel.
  • Fascia gutters – this is a common type of gutter that is installed directly onto the rafters off the roof. Different styles, materials and colours are available with this type of gutter.
  • Quad gutters – these are especially popular for newer homes. The shape is appealing to many homeowners, and many of the versions also have overflow slots to provide for proper water drainage.
  • Round gutters – these look like a semi-circle (although sometimes they have a straight back). They deal well with high volumes of water, and are less likely to become clogged with debris.

In addition to the various styles of gutters, they come in a variety of materials.

Gutter Materials

  • Aluminum
  • PVC
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Colourbond

 Gutters are also available in the slotted or unslotted varieties, and come in various colours. Some gutter styles perform better when constructed with specific materials, and as a result, are only available in that format.

A variety of factors should be considered when choosing the correct gutters for your home – including, the shape of your roof,  and the weather in your area.