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Possum Removal

Possums are a marsupial species that live in Australia. They prefer to live in hollow trees. However, their habitat has been declining as a result of deforestation, and they are seeking other places to live, including the roofs of residential homes.

There are a number of things that you can try to do before seeking professional help to remove possums from your roof. But, if these things fail, then it is essential to take advantage of professional possum removal services.

Removing Possums from Your Roof

  • Remove branches and trees that hang close to the roof – these give possums easy access to climb onto the roof. By removing them, it becomes more difficult for possums to nest there.
  • Use mothballs to repeal the possums – mothballs or comphor can repeal animals like possums. Placing them in the attic of your home will help keep them out.
  • Light up the cavity of your roof – possums are nocturnal and will not appreciate having light glaring 24/7 where they are nesting. Bright lights can be a great deterrent as well.
  • Block off exit and entry points – once you are certain that possums are no longer present in your roof, make sure you block off the

When the above methods are insufficient for stubborn possums, it is essential that you use a professional to remove them. We focus on utilizing environmentally-safe methods.