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Roof Cleaning

Moist weather conditions can lead to the development of algae and other organisms that can cause both staining and damage to a roof. Both the tar used in roofing, and the limestone in fiberglass roofing tiles are attractive to organisms.

The presence of algae and other roofing stains do not necessarily mean that you need to replace the roof on your home. Instead, professional roof cleaning can ensure that it is salvaged that way it does not degrade prematurely or appear aesthetically unpleasing.

Cleaning your roof can also have environmental benefits as heat build-up in your attic can be reduced, and in turn, that lowers your energy costs. Additionally, cleaning the existing shingles on your roof to prolong its life prevents shingles from being unnecessarily built up in landfills.

Professional roofers can use a variety of different, effective substances designed for removing mold and algae. These come in both a traditional chemical format, as well as in eco-friendly compounds. After a thorough assessment of the situation, a professional roofer can provide insight on the best option for cleaning your roof.