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Roof Painting

Many homeowners aren’t aware of the fact that roofs can be painted.  Often, the option of replacing a roof entirely is explored once it begins to show signs of physical wear. However, that does not mean that the integrity of the roof is compromised, so it’s possible to breathe new life into the roof, and the aesthetics of the home without full replacement.

Benefits of Roof Painting

Not all roofing materials can be painted, however, the more common varieties of roofing tiles are usually eligible. Choosing your roofing colour is important as well. The right colour can improve the value of your home by adding curb appeal. It can also help to reduce energy costs if the right colour is selected. For example, light colours and shades like white repel the sun.

It is essential that the correct type of paint is selected based on the climate, and the existing roofing materials. As a result, it isn’t advised that people take on roof painting as a DIY project, or mistakes can be incredibly costly to fix!