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Valley Replacement

A roof valley is the area where two sections of a roof meet. A roof valley is more prone to wear and tear simply because improper maintenance can lead to the collection of debris, and this can impact the way water drains into the roof gutters. It is important to have the valleys on your roof inspected and cleaned out regularly. It is important to note, that even with proper maintenance, sometimes a roof valley does not last for the same time period as the rest of the roof. As a result, the valley may require earlier replacement or repair. If a valley is allowed to degrade without necessary maintenance, it can cause leaking into the home.

The Importance of Proper Roof Valley Replacement

The replacement of roof valleys must be done by a professional. Since a great deal of debris, water, and other substances often gather in the valleys of a roof, there is a greater likelihood of problems if the flashing and tiles are installed by an amateur. Not only could the valley require premature replacement, it could lead to damage of the rest of the roof if the roof begins to drain ineffectively. When a roof valley is replaced with care and expertise, it can last up to 20 years depending upon the materials selected.