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Roof Restoration

Unfortunately, roofing doesn’t last forever, and restoration is required both to prolong the life of a roof (offering greater protection to a home), and maintain it aesthetically.

Roof Restoration Process

Our roof restoration process typically involves the following stages:

  • Safety rails are installed to provide for the safety of the tradesmen.
  • All broken tiles are replaced a necessary.
  • Pressure cleaning takes place with a 3000 psi pressure washer to remove moss, lichen, pollution, dirt and other build-up.
  • Ridge caps are stripped away so that a full bedding with a metal frame can be laid.
  • Flexible pointing is then applied to the roof. Valley irons, fascia, and any other necessary replacements are also made.
  • Gutters are cleaned of debris.
  • A colour coating that repels dirt and heat is finally applied.

Roof Restoration Services

Roof restoration services include:

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